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So you’ve come to the Breckenridge area of Colorado to enjoy an adventurous, scenic summer vacation in the mountains. Most likely typical Colorado activities such as whitewater rafting and hiking are on the agenda. Perhaps zip-lining and mountain biking as well? But you’ve dismissed horseback riding in Colorado because you want adventure and/or scenery and sitting on an old nag, following a dozen others going nose-to-tail down a trail doesn’t exactly appeal to your sense of adventure. Nor does riding a horse on a trail crowded with other hikers, bikers, dogs etc. sound like your idea of enjoying nature with the quiet companionship of an animal. Well think again!

rustyspur2Here at the Rusty Spurr Ranch we absolutely agree with you! A Colorado trail ride should not be boring or crowded! At the Rusty Spurr we encourage our guests to spread out and actually have the opportunity to interact with their horse. We offer true non-nose-to-tail riding. We give visitors to the Breckenridge area horseback rides that will live up to your adventurous desires. Our trail rides take you through a mix of open country, aspen groves and high points that allow you to admire magnificent Colorado mountain vistas. What’s more, you won’t have to share the experience with participants in other activities, and since our ride sizes are small, you can count on receiving extra attention from your guide. You will get to enjoy unobstructed views of Colorado mountains while also being able to actually ride (not just sit on) a horse
Rusty Blog 2OK, scenic trail rides near Breckenridge sound nice and all but you’re too active to spend 2-3 hours just admiring the scenery, right? Well then try our cattle drive! It is the sort of Western horseback adventure that will turn you back on to riding horses on vacation. Our authentic 3-4 hour cattle drive is appropriate for all riders from novice to advanced (but not ideal for first timers). All you have to bring is some enthusiasm and a little athleticism. If you’ve got experience even better! The nature of the activity offers occasions for riders of mixed abilities to be engaged without being influenced by the riders around them. All this adventure while surrounded by gorgeous backdrops of the Colorado Rockies… Now we’re talking about what a Colorado summer vacation is all about!

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